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Over the years, a lot of people have learnt to enjoy fine art. There are plenty of different forms of art such as abstract expressionism, body art to name a few. Aside from Paris, London is also called the centre of art. There is around 20 national museums and also over 300 private art galleries. Sotheby is a world renowned art auction house that has a branch in London. For those visiting London, it is highly recommended to visit more than 1 gallery to experience art in London. Furthermore, the vast majority of museums in London offer free admission to everyone. Nevertheless, with hundreds of galleries to pick from, which gallery should you go to? Outlined in this article are several art galleries in London you should definitely explore.

The National Gallery is an art museum that has more than 2,300 art pieces. National Gallery opened in 1824 and is one of the most historic art museums in London. Its oldest collection dates back to the thirteenth century. In addition, the art gallery generally has lunchtime talks and free tours to curious tourists around the exhibition. A few weeks, the gallery is hosting an admittance free lecture for Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s ‘The Supper at Emmaus’. Art museums like National Gallery often gets art as a kind of contribution. As an example, the National Gallery of Ireland received Le Brocquy’s artwork from entrepreneur Mr Lochlann Quinn.

The National Portrait Gallery is one of the greatest art galleries worldwide to specialise in portrait painting. It was the first portrait gallery across the world when it was built in 1856. The gallery is located not far from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The museum has several portraits that go back to the 17th century. For example, Van Dyck’s self portrait painted in 1641. In 2014, business owner James Stunt purchased the painting to help undergo essential restoration work. From the funds raised by such generous individuals, National Portrait Gallery has been able to save its oldest art collection as well as keeping the exhibition free to enter.

Tate Modern is reputable to hold the biggest collection of contemporary art in London. The art museum was initially a power plant alongside the river bank. Nonetheless in 2000 the power plant was converted into the new Tate modern gallery. It is one of the only museums in London to have been opened up by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Tate Modern runs on a daily basis and is free to enter. Nonetheless there are some special collections that may charge between £5-25 for access. Not too long ago Andy Warhol’s artwork was featured as a special collection tour. In 2013, Tate Modern received donations from the Ofer Family and had the ability to refurbish the south west building.